What are the advantages of small Wire mesh belt shot blasting machine?

The small mesh belt pass-through shot blasting machine is one of the pass-through equipment, because through the type of shot blasting machine can not clean up some irregular shape of the workpiece, and the mesh belt through the type of shot blasting machine just make up for this defect,It is the way to use the mesh belt to convey the workpiece, and automatically and continuously convey the workpiece to the shot blasting cleaning room, which is used to clean the oxide skin, rust layer and other impurities of the workpiece, welcome the original luster of the workpiece metal, increase the surface roughness, and improve the anti-corrosion of the workpiece quality.

The cleaning and strengthening of the mesh belt pass-through shot blasting machine equipment is a cold treatment process, that is, the motor drives the blast wheel to run, and countless small round media called steel shots continuously hit the surface of the part. Each steel shot hits the metal part, just like a miniature rod hammering the surface, hammering out small indentations or depressions. In order for the depression to form, the metal surface must be stretched. Under the surface layer, the compressed grains try to restore the surface to its original shape, thus producing a hemisphere under the action of high compression force, and numerous depressions overlap to form a uniform residual compressive stress layer, which further improves the apparent hardness and fatigue resistance of the workpiece. Can significantly extend the service life of the workpiece.

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